Dreams of Dragons & Dragon Kin Coloring Book

Ravynne Phelan

Enter into world-renowned artist Ravynne Phelan’s magical kingdom of dragons!

This exquisite coloring book is a celebration of all things dragon. You’ll find powerful protector dragons,little hatchling dragons, and all kinds of dragon-inspired creatures – over 50 images selected from theartist’s treasure-trove of celebrated works. Ravynne’s intricate painting style lends itself perfectly tothe meditative art of coloring-in. Use color and your imagination to breathe new life into theseextraordinary creatures. Step through this doorway into a multiverse where the dragons dwell.

NOTE: The inside pages of the colouring book are entirely in black and white, for you to color as your heart desires! The half-colored samples featured here are for illustration purposes only.

ISBN: 978-0-9871651-7-6
96 page book, Page size: 215 x 275 mm
Printed on premium quality 150gsm paper

Price: AUD $24.95

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