The Flower of Life Meditations

Discover, Merge and Create with your Seeds of Potential

Denise Jarvie

Deep within you are seeds of potential waiting to be planted into the creative garden of your heart and mind. Once planted, creations begin to unfold like a flower bud preparing to blossom – each petal a new strand of life being woven into form that will reveal another level from which to create. Each time you enter these meditations your Flower of Life expands, revealing more of your ever-evolving mystery. Awaken to the divine in you and you will see the divine everywhere.

These meditations are a collaboration with Denise’s higher self called Astar. Astar is more than one guide, it is a gathering of consciousness that flows in the eternal stream of Denise’s consciousness. Everyone has their own ‘Astar’. Through your blossoming love, take a journey to your wise inner guidance, where you can connect with your own higher self and the loving, passionate creator that you are.

4 tracks, 65 minutes


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