Goddesses & Gods: Embrace the Power

Invocations with the Feminine & Masculine Divine

Stacey Demarco
Artwork by Jimmy Manton

Open yourself to the most ancient of the energies of human veneration: the Goddesses and the Gods. The many facets of the Divine Feminine are represented by the powerful Goddesses within these pages: loving mother, playful creatrix, fearsome warrior, wise teacher, powerful healer, sensual mate, granter of impossible wishes and guide after death. The aspects of the Divine Masculine are portrayed through the Gods: wise father, brave adventurer, fierce soldier, unquenchable lover, genius inventor, eternal protector and more! Their many faces weave through every culture on Earth from Sumeria, Egypt, Greece and Rome through to Asia, the Americas, Polynesia and Britain.

Allow the beauty, extraordinary power and complete love of these Gods and Goddesses to inspire, transform and heal you. Work together with them in co-creation to manifest greater happiness, prosperity, peace and divine connection in your life. Harness their powerful energy through the vivid illustrations, and original prayers and proven rituals that accompany them in this sacred yet highly practical guide to engaging with their profound magic. 

'Goddesses & Gods: Embrace the Power' is a gift book adapted from the oracle card sets 'Gods & Titans' and 'Goddesses & Sirens'

ISBN: 978-1-922161-42-0
100 pages, full-colour book with padded hard-cover.
Size: 15 x 16

Price: AUD $19.95

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