Inner Light

An Oracle Book of Guidance & Affirmations

Toni Carmine Salerno

Within each of us exists a powerful light. That very same light is in every blade of grass,every tree, throughout the streams and oceans of our beautiful planet. It is in theair, the sunlight, the stars, earth and sky, and even exists within darkness.

This inner light can be felt, but not seen; powerfully experienced, but notunderstood by the rational mind. It guides us, offering hope and comfort, if we onlytrust and have faith, and open our hearts to it.

This book will encourage you to look within and feel your connection to this eternalinner light – your true nature.

ISBN: 978-1-922161-43-7
100 pages, full-colour book with padded hard-cover.
Size: 15 x 16 cm

Price: AUD $19.95

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