Mystical Healing

Meditations for the Soul

Alana Fairchild

Your Soul has guided you to this CD because it wishes to bring your heart’s desire to fruition through inner healing. Once you clear the blockages within, you have more space for Divine energy to manifest within you. It is like making room for a new houseguest who will transform your home through love and grace and change your life in wonderful ways forever!

1. Soul Star – Earth Star Chakra Healing

Uplift and ground your energy with this guided energy stabilization and healing.This meditation is a powerful aura cleanser that helps shift energies and bringyou home to yourself again.

2. Divine Life Path and Soul Blueprint
Archangel Michael and the loving Ascended Master and Guide El Moryaactivate your higher chakras encouraging direct perception of your Soul Planand High Spiritual Destiny this lifetime.

3. Pleiadian Healing Attunement with Mother Mary
Loving Guide and Ascended Master Mother Mary channels gentle Pleiadianenergy into your energy body, raising your vibration and allowing your Soulpresence to grow stronger within your body, which feels amazing.

3 tracks, Running time: 69 mins


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