Past Life Healing

Meditations to Release the Past and Enrich the Present

Alana Fairchild

Your Soul has quite a story to tell. Sometimes the patterns in your life that won’t heal,despite your best efforts, are actually your Soul trying to get your attention. Once you goback and release the past, you become free in this lifetime to move on.

Past life healing is not about avoiding the present, but about enriching it, bringing more ofour soul energy that spans many lifetimes into this lifetime, so that we can live in this lifewith more vitality, consciousness and ability.

The energy in this CD is unconditionally loving and will hold you safe as you travel back intime to unravel some of the mysteries in your own life, and bring more of your true DivineSelf to your present life, where it can blossom and play.

2 tracks, Running time: 70 mins


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Price: AUD $24.95

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