Rumi Meditations

Enter Into the Divine Heart

Alana Fairchild

Melt with Rumi, the sacred brother of your soul, as you enter into the heart of the Divine. Universal love pours through Alana’s voice as she guides you into sublime surrender. Her soothing voice and ethereal vocals support you in this healing journey into unconditional divine love. 

1. Magnetic Creative Field of the Luminous Heart (36:39)
Experience and expand the magnetic, creative field of the luminous heart of divinity within you. Attract all that is needed for the next step on your divine life path, enhanced by the power of Rumi’s unconditional devotion to your heart.

2. Golden Flame around Emerald Jewel, Black Panther Protects (37:19)
Golden flame of the soul burns pure and true, with the shining emerald jewel of love at the centre. Through surrounding darkness, the wild black panther circles and protects the shining soul, fierce with compassion and raw power.

2 tracks, 74 minutes

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