The Sacred Heart of Trees

Toni Carmine Salerno

'The Sacred Heart of Trees' is filled with beautiful imagery and poetic messages by internationallyacclaimed artist and author Toni Carmine Salerno.

One of the guiding principles in Toni’s work is that everything is essentially energy; an intelligentcreative energy that connects us all spiritually. You can feel this energy flow through his depictionof trees – always amazingly beautiful, soulful and full of character, these trees are alive,they breathe, they are wise and loving; they are like old friends.

This book can be used as an oracle by opening it randomly at any page and allowing the image andmessage flow into your heart. May it help you to view life from a higher spiritual perspective, andstrengthen your connection to your own creative spirit, which is unlimited and transcends bothtime and space.

ISBN: 978-1-922161-40-6
100 pages, full-colour book with padded hard-cover.
Size: 15 x 16 cm

Price: AUD $19.95

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