Star Child

Healing the Child of Light Within

Alana Fairchild

Within you there is a Child of Light. This the part of your Higher Self that has lived in worlds other than this Earthly one. Amongst the pure spiritual vibration of the stars, your Higher Self learned how to simply radiate love, light and peace. Your Higher Self has chosen to incarnate upon the Earth as a human being now, to radiate those star energies of love, light and peace upon this planet. The Earth needs love, light and peace so that the human race can evolve into a more spiritually-connected, heart-centred species. This evolution is supported by many beings that love the Earth unconditionally. Your soul is one of those beings and that is why you are here on this planet.

These meditations have been created for you to overcome spiritual homesickness and to have an abundant, joyful and healthy life. They are to help you remember who you are and why you are here so the Star Child within you can feel safe and shine as a brilliant star upon the Earth, helping to radiate love, light and peace to humanity, just as you were always destined to do.

3 tracks, 66 minutes


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