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Cristina Fontana

Step into the world of Cristina Fontana, a lifelong lover of art, illustration, and the mystique of the invisible. With a master’s degree in hand, she initially delved into the world of the theater in Vicenza, Italy, focusing on the captivating realm of entertainment communication.

Cristina’s journey took an intriguing turn as she ventured into the study of shamanism. This marked the beginning of her continuous exploration into holistic disciplines, as she sought new avenues for personal growth and awareness. Today, she’s chosen to reignite her true passion—art—blending it seamlessly with the wisdom she’s gathered along the way.

A fateful encounter with Barbara several years back sparked the flame of collaboration. The result? The remarkable Shamanic Crystals Oracle project, born from their shared vision of providing individuals with a powerful tool for inner growth.

Join Cristina on social media as she weaves her artistic talents into a tapestry of spiritual
insight and holistic wellbeing:

IG: cristinaliliafontana
FB: Cristina Lilia Fontana

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