Earth Air Fire Water

A 40-Day and 40-Night Transformative Healing Journey

Stacey Demarco

EARTH AIR FIRE WATER is a transformational guided meditation journey designed to bring about personal healing and wellbeing through the balancing of the four elements – Air, Water, Earth & Fire – within your energetic and spiritual bodies.

- Take the quiz to discover your dominant & shadow elements

- Unlock the unique qualities of each element & how it can be used alchemically for growth & wellbeing

- Undertake the ‘40 Days & 40 Nights’ affirmation process for your chosen element to bring greater harmony and inspire lasting change

- Invoke the energy of the elements visually through stunning imagery

- Work with four guided meditations to balance & integrate each element and invoke its positive powers

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ISBN: 978-0-9872041-3-4
2 Audio CDs and 240-page, hardcover book.
Size: 15 x 16 cm

Price: AUD $34.95

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