Finding & Embracing 'Soulmate' Love

Karina Godwin

Soulmate love is real and it really is possible!It can take your breath away and be everything you everdreamed of and more! It is the most special type of love, where justbeing with your ‘Soulmate’ makes your heart sing, where each ofyou fulfils the needs of the other and where your dreamsand desires become one.

Whether it is to cultivate Soulmate love in an existing relationship orto bring it to you in the form of a new relationship, the guidedmeditations on this beautiful 2 CD set will assist you in opening upthe channels of love in your own heart and releasing all that stopsyou from achieving your full potential in love.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your current relationshipor how long it’s been since you were in a relationship, your soul hasa ‘Soulmate’ already planned for you in this life journey, but it’s upto you to ensure you are ready to receive it.

8 tracks, Total running time: 105 mins


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