Meditations for Realising your Dreams & Destiny

Alana Fairchild

Happiness – that simple and sometimes elusive emotion – can be something that we take for granted. Until we realise that perhaps we aren’t feeling it quite as much as we would wish. Yet learning how to feel happy again is not hard to do. Alana’s soothing, hypnotic voice and the healing rhythms and uplifting tones of the specially composed music will help you reconnect to the natural happiness within you. Yes, it is still there, even if you feel like you’ve lost touch with it. As you learn to relax and feel good, you’ll be able to easily stimulate the Law of Attraction in your life. This means you can easily attract what you want and need from the Universe. By relaxing with these guided exercises, you can use the Law of Attraction to increase your happiness, discover your life purpose and open up to receiving greater prosperity in your life. This book and CD have been created to support you on a journey of relaxation, attraction and creation – so that the life you live is truly the life that makes you happiest.

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ISBN: 978-1-925538-09-0
Audio CD and 48-page, hardcover book.
Size: 15 x 16 cm

Price: AUD $29.95

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