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Izzy Ivy

Izzy Ivy is always delving in the creative side of otherworldly realms, and her truest inspiration is sharing the treasures of her journey in her paintings. Her art gives voice to her mystical experiences, adventures and all she encounters in her spiritual and healing work. Many of Izzy’s creations are conceived through dance. Unique beings start to weave their light through the free flow of movement. The process unravels further once she is back in front of the canvas, and information unfurls in richly coloured, inviting worlds with welcoming guardians.

Izzy is passionate about reminding her audience that magic does exist and that we all hold the codes for becoming the greatest version of our selves. She believes in making art accessible through wearable creations, exhibiting in unusual spaces, live painting and capturing and anchoring energy on canvas. Fusing childlike innocence with all-knowing depth and strength in her characters, Izzy combines art with the spirit that dances her. Every image is seeded with subtle symbolism for the collective dreaming and keys to a deeper remembering.

Recently, Izzy found her voice in the form of the written word. Her devotion to sharing the Lemurian wisdom and intuitive information that wants to reveal itself right now has given her the passion to explore this form of expression, and thus, this guidebook has unfurled as a companion to her paintings.

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