Meditations For Kids by Kids

Jarrah, Tahnaya, Ky & Jessica Wynne

In this touching collection of meditations, the Wynnechildren - Jessi (age 11), Ky (age 9), Tahnaya (age 7) and Jarrah (age 4) - have created a book to uplift, inspire and nurture kids of all ages!

“These words and pictures will take children away from the rush, bustle and harsh realities of the world, opening up a world full of imagination that is endless, safe and full of love. It will encourage them to connect with their feelings, release their fears and worries and provide them with some coping strategies in these days where beauty and innocence are so often forgotten.”
- Helen Schweiger - Pre-school Teacher

ISBN: 978-0-9757683-6-5
100 pages, Full-colour, Hard-cover, Size: 23.7cm x 26cm

Currently out of print

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