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Rassouli is known in the art world for his stunning and insightful artworks. He is an artist of life, one who lives and expresses whatever he does from his heart. He describes himself as an ogler and a libertine, as one who sees beneath the surface, one who is free to express what he sees and feels and imagines! Whoever you thought he was yesterday, you can be sure he will bring something fresh and new to today, and he will surely come up with something fun for tomorrow.

Rassouli has inspired, invited, and encouraged creativity around the world through a process he calls Fusionart, which activates the creative power of the heart, expressing the wonder and the sensual beauty of the soul. He speaks about creativity in person, in his retreats, through articles and books and talks to groups, on the radio, in videos, and in films, and nowhere does he do it more magically than through his paintings.

Rassouli throws rules to the wind and dives into the moment and savors it, and his excitement for the process affects and stimulates everyone around him to do the same! He paints with rags, with his hands, and uses his favorite brushes when he feels moved to enhance what is happening on the canvas. He usually begins with a canvas primed with black paint and brings the light of vision to it, developing a relationship with the emerging image as he progresses.

Rassouli is presently living in Southern California to paint beauty, create inventive and original architectural designs, write books and articles and offer retreats to develop creativity in people of all ages and abilities around the world. Rassouli is dedicated to this vision and greatly excited about the value of creativity in changing lives. He is always searching for new ways to express this and invite every heart to discover their own unique ways of sharing.

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