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A Dynamic Creative Journey

“Your story is about to jump forward in ways you cannot even imagine, and someday you’ll look back and realize that it started when you began reading this book.” – James Twyman (from his foreword)

Writing the Story Within: an empowering writing journey to transform your ideas and experiences into magnetically engaging stories. Whether your vision is to write a novel, feature film, children’s book or travel blog… Writing the Story Within will help you move beyond self-doubt, procrastination and judgment to fully express your true creative voice, and guide you to…

– Discover a story form used by master storytellers through the ages, from ancient Greece to modern cinema.
– Create characters with real pulses that write themselves onto the page.
– Capture descriptions and dialogue that draw readers into a heartfelt experience of your world.
– Cultivate a disciplined writing practice that frees your expression and brings you closer to your creative Source.
– Expand your connection to the stories that you both write and live.
– Express your creative visions with a structure that brings your stories to life – on the page, the screen… and beyond.

So many of us have powerful and meaningful stories to tell – tales which have the potential to weave new possibilities into the fabric of reality and truly change our world. Writing the Story Within offers unique insights and groundbreaking techniques to help bring those very stories onto the page. Dare to embark on a journey into the heart of the writing craft… A quest to harvest the magic of the stories that are ready to come through you.

If not now, when? If not you, then who? Now is the time.

“Writing the Story Within is a wonderfully enjoyable, dynamic book by a man of talent and huge heart.It’s a consciously creative and practical manual that I highly recommend to anyone looking for away to harness and hone the wisdom of their life’s experience and share it with others.”
– Brandon Bays, Bestselling author of The Journey.

“Any aspiring writer who wants to use their experience to produce engaging stories in any format, whether they be a novel, children’s book, travel blog or short saga, will find Writing the Story Within an important key to tapping the untold riches of one’s life and creating characters and descriptions that nearly write themselves. From expanding connections to stories that reflect one’s life and beliefs to creatively honing a structure that moves beyond written word to bring these tales to screen, this is an outstanding writer’s guide that gets to the point of exactly how to make the leap between experience and written word, and is highly recommended for any would-be writer who has a story to tell.”
– Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch

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