April 2020

A special message from Martine & Toni Carmine Salerno

Our dear friends,

Wherever you are in the world, we send you love and light. We pray that you find peace as you connect to the infinite source of love and healing light within you and that you radiate this beautiful energy to everyone around you, and to everyone in the entire world.

Love has no borders or boundaries, it is infinite, it is part of the life force within each of us. Your loving thoughts and prayers will be felt by those around you and by everyone in need of emotional and mental support at this time; no matter how close or far away they are. Your loving thoughts and prayers are not restricted by time or space.

Try not to focus on the future but stay present and live each moment knowing that nothing is permanent. This too will pass. Nourish your mind with hopeful thoughts and remind your self of all that is important and all that gives meaning to your life.

Stay strong. Keep in touch. Let’s support each other.

Love and blessings,
Martine & Toni Carmine Salerno

* * *

And then one day
the clouds in our hearts
began to weep

and it rained
for weeks on end
until all sadness washed away
and all that was left
was a clear blue sky

then, a deep peace
rose from within us
and our collective
and individual fear

we felt a renewed
sense of connection
to one another
to the earth
to the stars

and we knew in our hearts
that it was the beginning
of an era of hope
and love and light

* * *

there is a tranquil space
in each of our hearts
let’s close our eyes
  and go there

  a shift of awareness
  is all it takes
  to enter this most sacred place
full of timeless wisdom and
  the light that beams from our
  beautiful souls

the light of eternity, creativity and life,
through which
  we are all connected

  let us send loving thoughts
  and prayers to each other,
to our world
and all in need of healing
  during this most extraordinary time

  our loving devotions and intentions,
individually and collectively,
can transform our world

they turn fear into love,
doubt into faith,
war into peace

  let us be guided
  by our inner light
  let us unite, be brave
  and trust in love’s power
to guide and heal us

fear only exists when
  we give it energy
  let us say no to it
by reminding ourselves
  that we are
  children of
one world
one heart
one soul

  let us come together
  in love and peace
we have the power
  to face all adversity
  and meet every challenge
  through wisdom, compassion,
  creativity and ingenuity

let us nurture and inspire
  let us monitor our thoughts
  let us have faith
  let us trust that
our higher collective intelligence
is guiding world events

  may our thoughts be tranquil
may we remember that
each moment holds infinite potential
in the eternally unfolding present

  a thousand thoughts
  will come and go,
that is okay,
allow them,
but do not be attached

  focus on the light within
for it is the only thing
  that is true and everlasting

let us pray that all sentient beings find peace,
are free from suffering,
  are free from illness,
are free from fear,
and can see their inner light

let us never give up
  or stop helping each other
let us listen to and
share with one another
  especially in times of sorrow
for sorrow is a sincere expression of love

  each moment can be
  a new beginning
  by blessing and letting go
  of all that no longer serves
  our individual and collective wellbeing

  we all deserve to be loved
  we all deserve to live in peace
we all deserve to be free from suffering and illness

let us also remember
this world did not come with instructions
  we are bound to make mistakes and lose our way
let us check our inner compass
  for it will show us the way home, always

 Namaste x