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Tammy Jones

Tammy Jones is a people lover, animal lover and nature lover, whom lives in Australia. Tammy is a Reiki Master Teacher, President of The Reiki Association of Australia Inc. Counsellor and Meditation Facilitator. The foundation of her work is to share love and build upon the natural awareness one has within, through the vehicle of Reiki, Counselling and Meditation.

Tammy often refers to herself as a ‘weirdo’ as she often perceives the world differently than others. Tammy believes she chose to come to Earth to experience it through her heart, and not only her mind. For there is great wisdom in the heart that is often overshadowed by the belief, that the intellect is of greater value and that both are truly equals.

Tammy most notable gift is her ability to share and connect with others on a heart level which led her to study counselling and healing philosophies. Tammy has worked professionally in the industry for 15 years, in private consultation and workshops.

Tammy’s daily practise of self-reiki and meditation has been an essential source of comfort through her life’s shifts and changes. Her life experience has been rich, be it challenges or triumphs which assists her in her ability to empathise with her clients and students.

Visit Tammy’s website at heartandsoulcentre.com

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