The Faery Forest

An Oracle of the Wild Green World

Lucy Cavendish
Artwork by Maxine Gadd

The Faery Forest, a legendary Green World, is older than human history, moreancient than language, and its energy is gathering once again to reawaken usall. This is a realm where the ancient ones dwell, and their guidance isneeded now, more than ever before. With this oracle, Lucy Cavendish guidesyou through the gateways, and leads you to the path of the Green World,where the beings of the Faery Forest can offer you their insights, revelationsand natural, wild wisdoms. Discover Goddesses, Gods, Faeries, Witches,Wise Ones and Wyzards; powerful, trustworthy ancients and allies devotedto nurturing the wisdom that lies deep within your heart, your ancestry, yoursoul. Featuring the lavish, sensual paintings of acclaimed faery artist MaxineGadd, written by author and witch Lucy Cavendish, 'The Faery Forest' is afeast for anyone seeking genuine guidance, healing, and a reconnection tothe path of beauty, magick, truth and enchantment.

ISBN: 978-1-922161-88-8
45 cards and 136-page guidebook set, packaged in a hard-cover box.

Price: AUD $34.95

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