The Writer's Path

12 Keys to Awaken Your Creative Voice

Chip Richards

Do you have a story you know would make a great film or book? Have you felt called to share your experiences, ideas and creative inspiration on the page, the screen and beyond... but perhaps didn’t know quite how to start, finish or otherwise bring your vision through?

In this dynamic video series, internationally celebrated author, screenwriter and creative guide Chip Richards shares his “12 Golden Keys” – essential tools and visionary approaches to building an authentic, heart-connected writing practice, while igniting the full expression of the stories that are ready to come through you. Powerful for both seasoned and emerging writers, "The Writer’s Path" DVD is like your own personal story workshop, igniting a path of deep connection to your true creative voice and expanding your ability to both live and share more meaningful stories in the world. Now is the time.

As a stand alone experience or part of the pioneering "Writing the Story Within" series (book and CD), "The Writer’s Path" DVD is not just a video... it is a bold creative adventure into the heart of your muse that will leave you clear, inspired and ready to travel into the magic realms of your story... and beyond.

DVD, 80 mins, UPC: 794504716429

Price: AUD $24.95

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