Blue Angel Publishing

Blue Angel has been illuminating hearts and minds since 1997. Our first major title, Universal Love Healing Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno, is now part of an inspiring catalogue of card sets, books, recordings and more. With thanks to an ever-expanding alliance of writers, artists, editors and designers, Blue Angel has become an industry leader, renowned for crafting beautiful products that bring soulful messages and healing to the world.

A trusted and established network distributes hundreds of Blue Angel titles across the globe. For a list of the major distributors of our English-language editions, please click here. Many of our products are available in other languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese and Dutch. For information on acquiring rights for any of our products contact us here.

Our History

Founded by Toni and Martine Salerno, Blue Angel began life in 1997 as a metaphysical bookstore, art gallery and natural healing centre. The name ‘Blue Angel’ was Martine’s idea, inspired by one of Toni’s paintings of Archangel Michael, who is also known as ‘the blue angel’ or ‘blue ray’. Blue Angel Publishing is founded on the unwavering dedication of Toni and Martine and their desire to inspire and help others to help themselves. Blue Angel is a dream realised through the belief that we are all greater than we know ourselves to be, and that we can access a treasure of creativity, intuition and wisdom when we look within. We give thanks to the hundreds, if not thousands, of natural therapists, writers, artists, metaphysical stores, counsellors, reiki practitioners, vibrational healers, mentors, teachers, yoga centres, intuitives, tarot and card readers, and everyone else who contributes to the network of light and love that circles our beautiful planet.

Our Vision

Blue Angel is about embracing life, love and creativity and empowering the soul. We believe words and images can bring light, inspire peace, raise hope and spark joy. We aim to illuminate hearts and minds through beauty, art, music and wisdom, and we invite creators, authors, musicians, healers, believers and dreamers everywhere, to join us. Together, we can help make the world a better place.