In recent years, we’ve seen an alarming proliferation of piracy in the publishing industry, spanning from unauthorised use of copyrighted images and/or text, to counterfeit card decks and books.

Infringements of intellectual property affect the authors and artists of these works (who don’t receive any proceeds from unauthorised uses of their work), everyone involved in the production, distribution and sale of the authentic product as well as consumers who often unknowingly spend their hard-earned money products of inferior quality which do not support the people who created them.

We’ve created this form to make it easier to report suspicious listings on the Internet. The information you enter into this form will be used by us to evaluate the reported listing/s and if appropriate, reach out to the seller to ask them to remove the offending product from sale and/or submit a copyright infringement notice with the relevant sales platform/s. The information you provide to us through the form will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Thank you for helping protect our authors’ and artists’ copyrights in their work.

    Blue Angel Product Piracy Reporting Form