Soulful Woman Cards - Artists

Tamara Adams

Encountering the divine can be as simple as a moment of quiet contemplation and these moments are the theme of Adams’ work. While exploring her own beliefs and divine potential through art and healing practices, she’s created thousands of sacred images and a powerful vision of women who are truly blessed. Her iconography and colourful acrylic portraits of women and children pay tribute to the beauty, mystery, and strength of the female spirit. / Artwork on Etsy

Kiernan Antares

Kiernan Antares is a Canadian contemporary expressionist artist, author and poet. Her paintings offer healing, hope and love in the world and are her way of helping people tap into and express an inner source of wisdom. Rich in vibrant colours and depth, she paints both images of feminine beauty and abstraction to honour the source of creation itself and living The Beauty Way; in harmony with openness and expansiveness.

Patricia Ariel

Artist of surreal and visionary themes, Patricia Ariel is a Brazil-born artist based in the United States. Her art is strongly influenced by her spirituality and insights about the connections of men with nature and magic, and the spiritual/psychic dimensions. She uses a realistic representation of the human figure combined with patterns and expressionistic abstracts, creating a world of visual poetry where light and darkness collide and reveal the symbolic and the mystical.

Flora Aube

Flora Aube’s intuitive painting approach integrates the feminine wisdom of deep listening and receptivity, allowing conscious creativity to inform, overcome fear, and welcome inner wisdom through active participation with the process itself. By recognising art making as a mirror, her transformational approach heals, and alters the relationship to self and to others by inspiring profound levels of trust and revelations of soul. When she is not painting or teaching, Flora enjoys living in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains in California amongst the beauty of nature, and spending time with her family.

Mara Berendt Friedman

Mara Berendt Friedman has been creating paintings that reflect the soul of the Sacred Feminine for over two decades. Universal forms and multicultural symbols dance through her imagery, which springs from our deep inner world and reaches to synthesise the essence of spirit. She is founder of the art-gift company New Moon Visions and of STREAM, a sacred creative art school. She is also co-creator of the divination deck Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Her website features a gallery and many inspirations.

Ronnie Biccard

South African artist Ronnie Biccard has travelled, lived, painted and exhibited all over the world. With collectors across the globe, Cape Town-based Biccard works in oils, acrylics and mixed media. Her colour palette is bold and vibrant. Biccard celebrates the love, mystery and solitude of her modern Goddesses, a recurring theme which she depicts through sensual, flowing bodies. These anonymous forms transcend reality and express the subtle nuances of life, exuding warmth, charm and the joyful celebration of conviviality.

Isabelle Bryer

Ever-expanding images live in my head, begging to be painted on canvas. These pictures grow, multiply and transform, permanently fed by my surroundings: nature, people, the work of hundreds of living or dead artists. Influenced by the quiet purity of Italian Madonnas, by Latin American retratos, by Henry Rousseau’s naïve art or Alice in Wonderland illustrations, I create descriptive and poetic paintings. My themes are childhood, spirituality, the eerie universe of fairy tales where innocence triumphs over evil.

Mara  Diop

Mara Diop is a mother of 3 and a self-taught spiritual artist. She is guided intuitively to choose colours and themes to create the most magical artworks. Her paintings have a deeply spiritual energy and a strong healing quality. Working in acrylic mixed media, her channelled images are embellished with gemstones, crystals, sequins, dimensional paint, glitter, gold leaf and mirrors giving her artwork a three dimensional feel. Her paintings are described as being peaceful, magical, captivating, enlightening and alive. / Mara on Facebook

Anna Dittmann

As a child, Anna’s first canvases were the walls of her bedroom and it’s been a strange, fantastic ride since. Anna is a digital illustrator from San Francisco, USA with a passion for enigmatic portraiture. After moving to Georgia, she studied at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) to pursue Illustration. Her love for nature, biology, and portraiture are recurring themes throughout her work. She enjoys keeping herself occupied with painting, travelling and ice-cream.

Lori Felix

Lori Felix was born in Queens, New York. She began her art education at age sixteen, working from the model, and sculpting in stone. After high school, she attended the Art Students League, in New York City, where she has received many awards and scholarships. She studied figure painting and mural design. Lori travelled across the U.S.A and Mexico painting murals. She now resides in Rural Magnolia Mississippi, her house is a work of art and continues to evolve.
Lori’s artwork on Etsy

Joyce Huntington

Internationally known intuitive painter Joyce Huntington was born in Seattle, but spent most of her formative years in the desert southwest, where, as a precocious, dance-obsessed child, she faced a near-death bout with polio. No longer able to dance, her creative spirit found new expression in painting. She has since dedicated her life to bringing feelings of health, healing, and inspiration to others through her artwork. Her paintings are inspired by visions received in meditation. She lives in Ojai, California.

Silvia Ji

Sylvia Ji (born in 1982) is an American artist and illustrator living and working in Los Angeles, California. Ji’s works encapsulate an alluring beauty – they are symbolic reflections of herself, portraits of people she knows or nameless faces set in a landscape of fleeting and decaying beauty. It is perhaps beauty thatemerges as her defining characteristic, and her art reflects this: an extension of herself; a passionate appreciation of simple aesthetic pleasure fused with intimately complex subject matter.

Rashmi Thirtha Jyoti

Rashmi was born in the mystical land of India and currently resides in the greater Seattle area in the USA. Her paintings depict myriad forms of the universal healing energy present in the creative womb of Shakti (the Divine Feminine). An intuitive sacred meditative process births these creations. The images, colours and messages that emerge create a visual story that is a deeply empowering piece of sacred healing art, which awakens and heals people and spaces by creating energetic pathways of visual imprint within and without.

Alice Mason

Alice has been a painter all her life and is deeply inspired by nature, mysticism, spirituality, Goddess archetypes, mountains and primal landscapes. She has a B.A. Hons in Fine Art and regularly teaches art privately and on art retreats and workshops. The primal landscapes of the Blue Mountains in Australia where she lived as a child shaped and formed her, giving her true wanderlust which has remained with her all her life. Based in the UK, Alice is married to photographer Nigel Green and has two children.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud was born in California in 1970. With a background in literature, poetry and training at the Academy of Art, she studied with renowned Byzantine Russian Iconographer, Pavel Tikhimov and calls her method of painting Contemporary Symbolism. Shiloh has produced over 1200 original paintings, has opened a number of art galleries and is a Professor Emeritus at Sofia University. She is one of the most popular and collected artists in her genre. She currently resides in the Valley of the Moon, California, with her husband, Jonathan Lewis.

Tammy Mae Moon

Tammy Mae Moon is currently a Lexington, KY, USA based artist. Tammy was born in 1975 and grew up in the magical forests of the Ozark Mountains. Moon is predominately a soft pastel and oil figurative painter. Her art borders somewhere between Pop Surrealism and Fantasy with a strong sense of emotion in the eyes of her subjects. She explores themes of feminine strength and vulnerability and weaves this with shamanism, occult symbolism, and myth to portray various archetypes of women.

Helena Nelson-Reed

Helena Nelson-Reed is a visionary artist whose primary medium is watercolour. Born in Seattle, Washington, she was raised in Marin County and Napa Valley, California and today lives in Illinois. Nelson-Reed’s primary focus is exploring the collective consciousness and the portrayal of archetypal imagery in the tradition of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Rendered in luminous watercolour technique, Nelson-Reed’s paintings are created in extraordinary detail, pushing the medium of watercolour past the usual limits.

Claudia Olivos

Claudia Olivos is a painter creating work that can vary from Abstract to Surrealism and everywhere in between. Olivos’ unique approach reflects ideas about human consciousness and explorations of the human experience as it relates to the spiritual. Her paintings are part of both private and public collections worldwide and have been featured in several publications including the covers of several poetry books, novels, CD covers as well as part of live performances in both theater productions and musical concerts. Claudia’s studio is located in the Washington DC area in the USA: OlivosARTstudio

Marie Olofsdotter

Marie Olofsdotter’s life is the exploration of artistic voice. Whether taking the form of a picture book, a poem, or a painting, her artwork is a means of communication, a kind of storytelling. Her accolades include grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Jerome Foundation, and the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council. Born and raised in Sweden, Marie now lives along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

Amanda Sage

The art of Amanda Sage is characterised by strong figure-work and portraiture, accompanied by energetic waves of intense colour. Each of her paintings is like a portal, opening unto infinite possibilities of seeing and expression. She is at the forefront of a new breed of visionary artists, using art as a tool for personal, spiritual and planetary transformation. She tours the world, delivering lectures, holding workshops and painting live while exhibiting her works. She has been instrumental in the founding of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art that opened its doors in the fall of 2013.

Isabelle Savignac

Isabelle Savignac is mommy to 2 wonderful little girls, a Color of Woman Intuitive Painting teacher, a Yoga instructor, and a SoulCollage® facilitator. She approaches art as a gateway to one’s inner wisdom with intentional creativity. The offering of painting is for her a portal to deeply connect with the heart, in order to live a fully expressed life. She facilitates sacred circles for women who feel an internal longing to reclaim their intrinsic right to joy and connect to their wild gypsy-self. She wishes to empower women to live from the buoyancy and authenticity of their own heart.

Katherine Skaggs

Katherine Skaggs is internationally known and respected as a visionary artist, intuitive, author, teacher, spiritual counsellor, shamanic practitioner and painter of souls. She is also the artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, the Pocket-full of Goddesses: a Blessing Oracle, and the Pocket Blessing Cards, in addition to thousands of soul portraits, goddesses, ascended masters, angels and divine beings of light. Katherine’s paintings are portals to the Divine, to assist you in remembering your true essence. Katherine resides in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Wendybyrd Smith

Wendybyrd lives in a lush green belt outside of beautiful Sedona, Arizona in the USA. She is a passionate organic gardener, dedicated to her husband, Scott, their two dogs, and a tribe of feral cats. Wendy’s also passionate about mentoring other artists and inspiring them to let go. Inspiration comes to her through stargazing, mountain climbing, and prospecting for rare gems and gold. For relaxation, she loves to browse through antique shops and flea markets, looking for treasures. You can also find her in any good book store, drinking espresso, and reading southwest mystery novels.

Yarrow Summers

As an intuitive painter, I am intrigued by the alchemical transmutation of paint into art. Inspired by how I feel when something touches me deeply, I find the rendering of a graceful gesture, the beauty of a woman’s face and form, and images of birds and flowers to be perfect for the expression of these feelings. My paintings are both my own personal stories and the stories of the individuals who experience them. They are imagination and life dancing together.

Maya Telford

I am a Canadian artist and metaphysician with an emphasis on the sacred feminine. My art reflects the love our Great Mother has for us all and her unending quest to bring balance, peace and love back to the planet. In my work I offer readings which involve in-depth soul work and as well as soul portraits in which, with the help of Spirit, I create a portrait of who someone really is at a soul level, and often past life information is revealed. Healing is at the centre of all that I do and create. / Maya’s artwork on Etsy

Heather Torres

Heather Torres is an award-winning watercolour and acrylic artist and educator who lives in Orlando, Florida. Her paintings combine bright colours with geometric and organic shapes, creating interesting compositions with movement. She embraces the subtle nuances and unpredictability of watercolour by allowing colours to freely merge and develop a story of their own. Torres’ work is in private residences has been recognised by galleries, festivals, and painting organisations around the world.

Jassy Watson

Jassy, an Australian contemporary visionary artist, creativity coach and writer, is captivated by myth and cultural stories. The symbolic language portrayed in ancient art and the role that women played in these creations are key inspirations for her work. Through her moving and innovative creations of empowered archetypal images of women, Jassy invites us into a deep remembering and re-imagining. Jassy paints and teaches from her space Goddesses Studio & Gallery. She also holds workshops and retreats nationally, internationally and online.