Blue Angel Publishing has partnered with Beauty Everywhere, an imprint of Oceanhouse Media, to develop this range of apps based on some of our bestselling titles.

If you need help/support with any of the apps, please contact Oceanhouse Media through their support page.

The prices for the apps on this page are in US dollars by default. When you click on the download link, the price will be updated to reflect your region’s pricing.

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Guided Meditation Apps

11.11 Meditations
Chakra Meditations
Christ Consciousness
Divine Lotus Mother
Flower of Life Meditations
For Love & Light on Earth Meditations
Ganesha Meditations
Happy Little Hearts - Meditations for Children
Healing Music for the Soul
Heart Meditations
Isis: Power of the Priestess
Love Your Inner Goddess Meditations & Dances
Luminous Humanness Meditations
Meditations for Children
Meditations with Angels
Meditations with Sekhmet & Narasimha
Mystical Healing
Past Life Healing Meditations
Radiance Luminous Soul Meditations
Reiki Healing Touch
The Black Madonna Healing Meditations
White Light Frequencies

Card Deck Apps

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle
Angels, Gods & Goddesses
Beyond Lemuria Oracle App
Chakra Insight Oracle
Crystal Mandala Oracle
Divine Circus Oracle
Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Earth Power Oracle
Earth Warriors Oracle
Eternal Crystals Oracle
Gaia Oracle
The Hero's Journey Dream Oracle
Isis Oracle
Journey of Love Oracle
The Prophet App
Kali Oracle App
Kuan Yin Oracle
Les Vampires Oracle
Lightworker Oracle
Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle
Magdalene Oracle
Messenger Oracle
Mother Mary Oracle
Namaste AppNamaste App
Nature's Whispers Oracle
Oracle of the Dragonfae
Oracle of the Hidden Worlds
Oracle of the Mermaids
Oracle of the Unicorns
Rumi Oracle
Sacred Earth Oracle
Sacred Mothers & Goddesses
Sacred Rebels Oracle
Star Temple Oracle App
The Faery Forest
The Faerytale Oracle
Gospel of Aradia
The Halloween Oracle
The Lantern Oracle App
Universal Love Oracle
Universal Wisdom Oracle
Whispers of Healing
Whispers of Lord Ganesha
Whispers of Love App
Whispers of the Ocean
White Light Oracle
Wild Kuan Yin Oracle
Wild Wisdom of the Faery
Wings of Wisdom

Special Offers / Bundles

Meditation Bundle
Oracle Card Bundle