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Alejandro R. Rozán

Alejandro R. Rozán is a Cuba-based indie artist with a passion for the tarot. His work mainly revolves around the symbolic mysticism of the tarot world in a constant obsession to re-create the 78 arcana of the tarot that has become a source of inspiration for his artworks. Using different drawing techniques, including the combination of watercolors along with gouache, pencil, pen drawing, and digital drawing too, Alejandro develops a range of different artistic styles, amongst which the imitation of stained glass art stands out perhaps the most.

Alejandro is making his debut as tarot illustrator and co-creator with the Medieval Feathers Tarot, written by Jay R. Rivera and published by Blue Angel Publishing. This deck is an elegant combination of medieval art with the symbolism of bird feathers.

Alejandro is also the illustrator of Les VitrauX, un Tarot al Atardecer to be released by the Argentinian publisher Buenaventura, a tarot deck rendered in stained glass style where the beauty and holiness of cathedrals and the heathen symbols of tarot intertwine. Both decks are an attempt to bring back the symbolism and iconography of historical tarot decks to the modern world of tarot enthusiasts, readers and collectors.

To find out more about Alejandro and his work and to be updated about his future projects and support them you can follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

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