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Lynda Bell

Lynda Bell is an artist and writer who lives and creates in the far north of New Zealand with her family of humans and animals. Her studio is nestled amongst hills and trees, which she is sure are inhabited by mythical creatures and faerie folk. She has experience and training in education, fine art, design and art therapy, and connects this with her creative practice.

During her art therapy and visual arts study, Lynda became interested in and enthusiastic about using archetypes and symbolism, particularly in storytelling, for self-development and healing. Learning about the potential of stories to enhance someone’s life and motivate positive change inspired many of her paintings and the stories behind them. It also awakened the first idea for this oracle deck.

Lynda’s love of animals and her desire to awaken kindness and compassion inspire her creations. In her images, tales unfold, and viewers are taken into a world where animals are treated with respect and kindness, and anything is possible. Here, we are reminded of the integral aspects of our humanity: compassion, love and kinship with animals.

In Lynda’s paintings, people, animals and nature are at one — dreams are real, and life is abundant and joyful. The images beckon us into a utopia of colour and fun, where we remember our love of daydreaming and the stories woven throughout our human experience.

“Through compassion and kindness, we can reconnect to the animals who always have and always will be a part of our lives in this earthly realm. With their guidance, we can awaken ourselves to beautiful new worlds.” — Lynda Bell

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